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Asma Global Products, Collapsible Trash Can, Flexible Handle Toothbrush, 9" Inches Fiber Plate
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  • NDP3567


The 100% Compostable, Heavy Duty 9 Inch White Paper Plate is made of Sugarcane Fibers and creates a great canvas for all occasions.


  • 9” inch PFAS Free fiber plate

  • Made from 100% Sugarcane fiber

  • Classic White color


  • 125 per pack

  • Bulk case 500(4/125)


  • Easy to use

  • Value for money

  • Wide Rim

  • Disposable/ biodegradable

  • Hot or cold use

  • No plastic or wax lining

  • Microwavable & freezable

  • Grease and cut-resistant

  • Bleach free

  • Stackable

  • Bright white color

  • Clean canvas for any food

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